About Us

Bravo's Mercantile is a California based, minority owned small business which started operations in March of 2020. Bravo's Mercantile specializes in the sale of consumer-grade products and goods to customers in the continental United States through the ever-expanding e-Commerce platform.

Bravo's Mercantile offers a wide variety of products ranging from toys, household cleaners, novelty items, hard to find items, and everything in between. We are continuously changing our offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our Amazon Shop

In order to provide as many products as possible to a wide range of customers, Bravo's Mercantile has partnered up with Amazon to help manage our inventory. Using Amazon's vast inventory and delivery networks, we're able to get more products into the hands of more customers than ever before. Please visit our Amazon shop to see our current offerings.

Visit our Amazon shop!

Our Etsy Shop

Bravo's Mercantile is excited to announce our soon to open shop on Etsy! We will be offering a wide variety of 3D printed products. More information will be made available soon once our shop on Etsy is open for business!

Visit our Etsy shop! (Coming Soon)

3D Printer Filament Colors

Below you will find a list of our 3D Printer Filament Colors. The example images are provided by our preferred filament manufacturer and will be the same color on your 3D printed items.

Color Name Color Example
Forest Green
Forest Green
Forest Green
Forest Green